Tapas Evening

I painted a Flamenco Dancer alongside live Flamenco guitarist Glenn Sharp whilst tapas was served. It was as though the painting was dancing to the music. I brought along a copy of a still life with pears by the lesser known Spanish artist Louis Melendez. It being the anniversary of Picasso’s death, I went on to speak about the contrast in fortunes of the two artists.DSCN0547

Italian Supper

This featured the most famous part of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling where God is reaching out to Adam. I managed to paint God’s arm and Adam’s head and arm during dinner (the rest had been painted in advance). I went on to speak about what it would have been like for Michelangelo had he been born in Yorkshire today rather than Renaissance Italy.

The ladies were curious as to why I had cropped the painting just above Adam’s privates!
L1000430 copy

Art Club

I demonstrated the art of ‘trompe l’oeil’ (a trick of the eye) complete with wine bottle painted from scratch in an hour or so. A slide show of my portfolio was projected at the same time and questions answered as I worked.DSCN0313

French Night

Prior to dinner we were entertained by Can-Can dancers.

Inspired by the view from Renoir’s Garden in the South of France, about a third of this painting took shape during dinner.

We had a French picture quiz.

Following dinner I spoke of how Renoir came to live in the South of France and that he had been a top amateur golfer and once scored a hole in one.
French Night

Painting in Provence

DSCN4603 copy

A Night in Venice

Canaletto made a very nice living from selling paintings to young aristocrats on the Grand Tour, albeit via an agent. Alan gives an insight into 18th century life in Venice including the capers of Casanova.
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